Year 1

Semester 1

Year 1

Term 1

These courses are layed out in a chronological order.

These courses are designed around a typical A/B Schedule. We offer 20 days per term of lessons for each instrument.  Each lesson could easily fill a 30 minute block.

You might alternate days or weeks between instruments. Create your own A/B schedule between snare and mallets. In this case, you might only reach up to midterm on each instrument.


A Flat Natural Minor

7 Flats

Flats and sharps are always added to a staff in the same order. From left to right, flats are added BEADGCF. Sharps, on the other hand, are added in opposite order – FCGDAEB.


No exercises yet. But, content is added regularly. Keep an eye out for more exercises coming soon.

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